TALK: New Digital Media With Melanie Rickey And Susie Bubble

03 / 06 / 2013

Two of the fashion industry's greatest commentators came together today in The Space. Journalist Melanie Rickey and superblogger Susie Bubble discussed digital media, and advised the audience how to turn blogging into a career.

Here is our pick of the best quotes from Melanie and Susie: 

“A bloggers prerogative should be to voice good content” - Susie Bubble

“Having something that is uniquely you is what people look for” – Melanie Rickey

“In the current blogosphere you have to have your own set of editorial rules to be plausible” - Susie Bubble

“All I care about it a good story, my blog could be seen as a niche” - Susie Bubble 

“People in the industry can tell if a bloggers objective is ‘I want free stuff’” - Melanie Rickey

“Grazia was revolutionary in the fact that it offered fashion on a weekly basis, however blogs are now the missing link offering fashion daily. There are no restrictions on space, topic, truth when it comes to blogging” - Melanie Rickey

Written by Brooke McCord

Images by Hannah McGee


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